Arts of Peace Artist                                              Arts of Peace Artist  Nathaniel Austin                                  Arts of Peace Artist  Marshaila Wilson

“The Arts of Peace” is a “Violence Prevention Program” where we strive to peak the interest of the children in the Arts. So that they can expend their energies and efforts in the arts instead of violence. We don’t necessarily seek out the most popular nor the straight “A” student.

We seek to engage the artistic efforts of children who usually go unnoticed, generally staying behind the scene. We put them in the spotlight encouraging their talents and self-worth. To get more children involved in the arts, thereby diverting their destructive action and encouraging the wonderful natural talents that so many of our children possess.

By having professional artists and promoters critique their talents and offer scholarships for lessons act. Through these combined efforts we get the community involved, we also engage parents and community by providing comprehensive workshops on topics such as “ Peer Mediation in the Home, Juvenile Justice, Volunteerism.


      DRUMMER (STIX) with President Obama 2015                                VIOLINIST GABRIEL WALKER 2016

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